Christine Crane RealtorAgeArizona resident Christine Crane is the co-founder of one of the most innovative businesses serving the real estate industry. The BoldLeads system developed by her son, Danny, is a highly efficient alternative to the traditional strategies used to generate real estate leads. The company has thrived as a result of their complementary skillsets and professional backgrounds. A wildly successful real estate agent who was routinely frustrated by the ineffective lead generation practices already in place, Christine took it upon herself to create a better system that would be of benefit to real estate agents across the country.

Through the use of BoldLeads, Christine was able to rapidly expand her database of potential clients and saw immediate results in terms of her overall earnings. Considering she had already experienced the kind of immense success that accompanies selling millions of dollars worth of real estate, the vast expansion of her database as well as the subsequentincrease in earnings through the use of a self-sustaining client pipeline represents quite an impressive feat. After experiencing firsthand just how beneficial the system could be, Christine and her son immediately set out to share BoldLeads with real estate agents in markets from coast to coast.

Christine runs her family-owned and operated business from Phoenix, Arizona. When she is not hard at work on improving some aspect of the business or working directly with a client, Christine is most likely to be found painting in her studio.


Why do you think Boldleads has been so successful?

I think it is a system that has been built for real estate agents by a real estate broker. I know what I wanted to see in a lead generation system and had Danny build it in to our CRM. I wanted the system to be so easy for agents to use and benefit from. And evidently, we got it right because we have happy clients all of the United States and Canada.

How exactly does Boldleads work?

We are a type of advertising agency for real estate agents. We run their advertising on Facebook and other sites to generate leads for them. When a lead clicks on their advertisement the information is sent to our custom built CRM and the agent. The agent is able to follow up with the lead and track them in the CRM. We have designed follow up emails and texts for our clients. They love the ease of the system.