Currently operating his chiropractic business, Zenaptic Chiropractic in Vancouver, Washington, Dr. Troy Dreiling believes that everyone can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He spends most of his time educating others on how they can better improve their lives by using chiropractic methods to correct misalignments in the body and restore it back to its natural stage.

He opened his practice in 1995 and since then it has grown by leaps and bounds. Dr. Troy Dreiling has also been a recipient of rave reviews from his patients, as well as awards. However, the he understands that chiropractic is not a field which everyone is familiar with and in order to get the word out he publishes educational videos on his YouTube channel and also hosts a weekly radio show.

In what city/state was your first house located and approximately what year did you buy it?

My first house was in Vancouver, Washington and I purchased that in 1997. I remember it vividly because that was my first real estate purchase and I was a bit unsure if it was a good decision. I almost didn’t buy the house but looking back, I am very happy that I did.

My parents were very supportive of my decision to buy a house for myself.

What was your living situation prior to buying your first house? Where/with whom/etc?

I was living with mom and dad when I bought my first house. I was saving up money for it and my parents were more than happy to let me live with them.

What motivated you to purchase your first house?

I wanted to be on my own. For the first year and a half of my practice I lived with parents. I was excited that I could actually get a loan from the bank after only being in practice for a year, which let me know I was on to something.

How did you go about getting the money together to buy it?

I got a bank loan from a local bank plus I had some savings. However, before I decided to buy the house, I thought about it seriously because it is not a cheap investment.

When you purchased, were you thinking of it as an investment or as a place to start a family? Please elaborate.

When I purchased my first home I was just thinking of it as a place to begin my life as an adult. I thought that was the place I wanted to live, I worked right down the street. It was more of an office, home, play place.

What are 3 things you liked most about the house?

It was super close to my office, it had a hot tub, and it had a pretty amazing kitchen with a vaulted ceiling and a fireplace. I love to cook and entertain my friends at home so the kitchen was definitely a plus point.

Was there anything you didn’t like about it?

I didn’t like the fact that the pine trees were so close and that they jacked up the ceiling. They also made these noises at night when they hit the roof and that can sometimes bother me when I’m sleeping.

Did you make any improvements or major renovations to the house?

I put in a hot tub, a patio, I painted, and put in a sprinkler system with a new lawn. I figured that the additions will give the home more value if and when I decide to sell it.

Please share 1-2 of your fondest/funniest memories from living there.

One of the funniest and fondest, I came outside to go in the hot tub and there were two raccoons sitting on top of it. I have never seen one that close before and they started hissing at me, needless to say, I didn’t go hot tubbing that night,

Do you still live there or did you sell it or renting it?

When I met my wife, we sold it and bought our first house together. We knew that we wanted to start a family and needed something bigger. Fortunately, we found the house where we currently live in now and I have never regretted the decision to move. I am happy that my kids have a place to run around and have fun in.

What advice would you give other first time home buyers?

Keep your payments low! However, aside from that, there are plenty of other things to pay attention to. Buying your first home can be a daunting task and you will be tempted to just go with the first house that falls in your price range. The process is not that easy. You have to know first what type of home is suitable for you. Do you need a townhouse, a condo or a traditional single-family home?

Once you know what type of home you need, you must decide what features your home must have, what kind of loan you qualify for, how much you can really afford and if there is any real estate agent who will help you with your purchase.