Jared Londry was born in Charlotte in the early 80’s and has long been deeply rooted in the community. Jared Londry is a commercial real estate broker for Cassidy Turley and enjoys many aspects of his position and his work/life balance. In his spare time, Jared Londry is a supercross rider, a piano player, and a horse trainer. He enjoys riding bulls in competitive events, and chasing lions through the jungle of the African banks to watch migration patterns and study their habits.

In what city/state was your first house located and approximately what year did you buy it?

Charlotte, NC in 2008. It was a two story house in a great part of town, and I could have never imagined buiying such a place so early on in my life.

What was your living situation prior to buying your first house? Where/with whom/etc?

Apartment. I lived in a few different neighborhoods in town and finally settled down in a place called the west edge of Sarasota.

What motivated you to purchase your first house?

Long-term stability and really an investment. Buying a home is a great way to start a life in a city that you love and a way to plant roots down.

How did you go about getting the money together to buy it?

Savings slowly but surely. It took lots of time and structured plan, but it ended up just find. The sooner you start, the easier it is.

When you purchased, were you thinking of it as an investment or as a place to start a family. Please elaborate.

Investment and a long-term residence for my family. I knew that I would be getting married soon and I needed a place to call ours. Apartments are great, but they are a waist of money over a long period of time.

What are 3 things you liked most about the house?

Size, location, roommate. Living near my place of employment is fantastic. I am 3 mintues to work, 3 minutes to downtown L.A., and 4 hours to the desert. Tough to beat.

Was there anything you didn’t like about it?

The two-tone color pattern was a bit of a challenge for me at first, but I eventually foud it to be ok. The wine cellar is nice, but a bit small, and the pool could stand to be salt water.

Did you make any improvements or major renovations to the house?

None. I don’t really have time to make improvements to my home. I love it the way that it is, so it works for me.

Please share 1-2 of your fondest/funniest memories from living there.

Moving in and not having anything to fill the house with. It has taken me nearly 10 years to fill my house with enough stuff to make it feel like a home. Good problem to have, I suppose.

Do you still live there or did you sell it or renting it?

Still live in the house. I don’t see a reason to move any time soon, and it is an irreplaceable location.

What advice would you give other first time home buyers?

Buy one as soon as possible. Land is only getting more and more expensive, and prices keep climbing. Buy now!