Myriam Borg is a successful Australian businesswoman who manages to balance running a business and raising a family, all while managing to live the life she’s always dreamed of. She is the founder and CEO of Create Australia, a leader in the lost and unclaimed money recovery industry, which Myriam was one of the first entrepreneurs to tap into. She has trained or continues to train 95% of the lost money refund consultants working in Australia and New Zealand today.

She graduated from the University of Technology with a degree in Adult Education & Training, and it has been her life-long dream to help individuals achieve success, both personally and professionally. She has worked as a business trainer for more than 26 years. She is also the author of The Refund Consulting Program, which for fifteen years has been successfully training hundreds of people from Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Europe.

Her approach is all about helping people to realize their dreams of starting up their own businesses. As her company has expanded, a large part of her consulting advice involves learning how to invest wisely in real estate, starting with the locales that you know best.

As for her home life, Myriam is the mother of 3 boys, which manages to keep her even busier than her business does. When she does manage some free time, she enjoys traveling, sailing, fine dining, and new learning experiences. She has also become something of a fitness fanatic, with Pilates now one of her daily activities.

In what city/state was your first house located and approximately what year did you buy it?

My first home was purchased in New South Wales, in 2000.

What was your living situation prior to buying your first house? Where/with whom/etc?

There was a time, not that long ago really, when I was a struggling mom worried about how we were going to put food on the table. It took a lot of hard work, but by uncovering the untapped industry of unclaimed money recovery, I was able to grow a profitable business that allowed me to take care of my family and provide a stable home for them. It was a dream come true to receive the keys from the real estate agent and spend the night together in our new home.

What motivated you to purchase your first house?

I was tired of moving my kids from apartment to apartment and wanted to be able to provide them a stable environment in a good neighborhood. Being able to give each of my sons their own bedroom was also important, as was having a large backyard. You can’t imagine how much energy those boys have!

How did you go about getting the money together to buy it?

The money came about because of the success of Create Australia. As an entrepreneur, one of my goals has always been to run a profitable business that not only allows my family to live comfortably, but that allows me to give back to the community. Create Australia is all about empowering other small business owners to make their dreams come true. There’s nothing better than knowing that we can all find success together.

When you purchased, were you thinking of it as an investment or as a place to start a family. Please elaborate.

One of the things I coach my clients about is that when you start to make money, you have to invest it wisely. That includes making smart real estate investments. So I didn’t just want a family home, but I wanted to purchase security, by knowing that no matter what happens with the rest of my business, our home would be appreciating in value. When it comes to making investments, you have to start with what you know. You wouldn’t buy a home that you haven’t seen personally. It should be the same with real estate. You can’t buy a property if you haven’t visited it yourself. You want to know that not only is the property itself a good one, but that it’s in a good neighborhood that has got good growth potential. The more familiar you are with a location, the better able you are to make a good decision.

What are 3 things you liked most about the house?

Like I mentioned above, among the best parts were the fact that each of my sons got their own bedroom, and the big back yard. In addition to that, there’s the lovely basement, the open kitchen, and the wonderful neighborhood.

Was there anything you didn’t like about it?

The older the boys have gotten, the smaller our house seems. It’s almost like I have six kids!

Did you make any improvements or major renovations to the house?

We renovated the basement to make it into a living room/rec center where the kids can have friends over and play games, etc. I have also started work on a garden.

Please share 1-2 of your fondest/funniest memories from living there.

Like I said, that first night we moved in was pretty special. Being able to tell the boys that we weren’t going to have to move anymore and they each were going to have their own bedroom. My absolutely favorite part of the house is the little section near the kitchen where I’ve marked their heights on the wall on their birthdays. Seeing how much they’ve grown since we’ve moved in definitely makes me feel old, but it’s wonderful knowing that our family has grown together at the same time.

Do you still live there or did you sell it or are renting it?

We still live here with no plans to move anytime soon. We’ve been lucky enough to take some work vacations, where we live abroad for a period of time. I’m able to work remotely and the boys get to experience a foreign culture. It’s nice to get away but it’s also nice to have a home we love coming back to.

What advice would you give other first time homebuyers?

Don’t buy a house you can’t afford, but at the same time, do your best to buy a home that you can grow into. And even if you plan on staying there for a long time, you must think about your house as an investment, because that’s what it is. Do your research about the region and the neighborhood and make sure your house is going to appreciate in value like it should.

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