Rocco Basile is an eminent personality in the US photography rings. He was born and bred in New York and is the proud Founder of Rocco Basile Photography, a mesmeric studio and gallery in Southern California. This is where Basile showcases his recent works and that of his colleagues, who include up-and-coming photographers. The Emerson College, Massachusetts educated photography expert is highly adept at portrait photography, fine art photography and photojournalism. Rocco’s work has a freelance photographer has taken to many places, including Tibet, China and Okinawa, Japan, where a serene terrain always beckons.

In what state is your home or studio located?

I was born in New York and my family has lived in all of the city’s 5 boroughs. My gallery and studio, the Rocco Basile Photography is located in the Santa Barbra area. I got the inspiration to establish the studio soon after returning from an extended assignment in the Middle East.

What was your living situation prior to starting your career?

I spent many years working as a freelance photographer before joining college to pursue my career and dreams of becoming a successful photographer.

What motivated to establish the studio?

The idea that I can wake up in the morning to something very stupendous in both beauty and purity is what motivates me to keep going. I understand that the chances of this happening are far and wide, but when it happens, I treasure every moment of it even though there are moments I am unable to reach out to my camera. With the establishment of the gallery, I would say this is my best accomplishment yet.

How did you go about getting money to set up the gallery and studio?

I saved a little bit of money from working as freelance photography and photojournalist. The money helped me kick start the whole project. Today, I make money by selling photos exhibited in the gallery and charge fees for visitors who frequent the gallery. Once in a while, I also accept freelance assignments that I find compelling.

When you first established the gallery, were you thinking of it as an investment or public resource center?

My idea of starting the gallery was informed by the desire to give local artists and photographers a platform to exhibit their work and earn a living. Honestly, I did not expect the gallery to be my only source of income because I thought it would take some time for the business to pick up and become profitable. Interestingly, the operation turned to be profitable even before the first anniversary had elapsed.

What do you like most about your career?

My interest in photography crept on early in life and it wasn’t because I wanted to do it for a living. When I think deeply about it, getting my hand on the first digital camera most likely did it for me. From there on, a dream of endless possibilities traversed through my mind. I have always been fascinated by nature, more so the desire to capture macro photos of smallest objects and intricate details of various objects.

Please share 1 to 2 of your fondest memories of living there?

My early exposure in artistic culture has a lot to do with the unique sceneries in all of New York boroughs, this range from places to vegetation cover and everything in between. The Big Apple is also the center for some of the most captivating art galleries and museums in the world. Lucky for me, I live only a short subway ride from these attractions.

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?

I often advise young and aspiring photographers to stay attuned to their surroundings because this is the first step in capturing the thematic elements that appeal to wider audiences. Academic experiences also count a lot because it helps open the doors to new possibilities and imaginations. I studied photography and visual arts at Emerson College, Massachusetts while venturing into film-making. My academic achievements along with first-hand experience as a freelancer earned me a place at the prestigious California Institute of Arts. Today, I travel the world on various assignments as a photojournalism and fine art photography.